We've all had it: That particularly lazy morning when all you want to do is roll out of bed, throw your hair in a topknot and toss on a worn T-shirt and your go-to jeans. While that's totally acceptable some days, there are others when you have to look exceptionally put together, yet still want to be comfortable and stylish (ugh, the struggle).

Luckily, it can be easier and faster than you think to turn that boring jeans-and-tee combo into a very interesting outfit. In fact, with a few thoughtful choices, you can upgrade your look entirely by adding a few cool, quirky accessories.

Most people think it's the clothing that makes the outfit, but that's not always the case-sometimes it's the simple add-ons or cool styling tricks that really steal the show.

Click through the slideshow above to see 15 ways you can make your outfit more interesting!

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