24k Gold Tattoos: Bright Idea or Bad Bling?

Dior's Holiday Grand Bal beauty collection includes a rather unusual addition this year: Les Ors de Peau temporary tattoos in the shape of gold jewelry. Designed for the brand by Camille Miceli of Joaillerie, these beauties actually contain 24-karat gold micro-particles (which explains the $120 price tag)-a far cry from the dinosaur and unicorn designs we sported in elementary school!

Designed to be worn for one night only, these tattoos fuse with your skin for a fleeting one-of-a-kind experience. The set includes a delicate cuff, three rings, and two chain bracelets complete with charms. You can wear them individually or sport them all for heightened drama. On the skin, they take on a slightly textured, gold-leaf appearance. We're lusting after the intricate designs, but wish they were a little more permanent so we could wear them again.

So what do you think? Would you sport a temporary gold tattoo at your next holiday party? Or is the short-lived lifespan of these pricey pieces a turn-off?

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Photo Credit: Dior (Courtesy of Beautylish)