Complete Your Outfit with Workhorse Jewelry

You wear your heart on your sleeve and play fashion trends close to the vest.

New no-nonsense jewelry line Workhorse should be right up your alley.

The gold and silver-based label (a collaboration between high-end jewel banger Zoë Chicco and Archive Jewelry founders Amber and Nicole Sutton) is proof that all that glitters doesn't have to be gold - or too girly.

Tiny Deringer pistol charms and headdress busts are whip-smart parts of the Calamity Jane collection. Dragon talon-ended bangles and lunar-inspired pearls round out the In My Clutches set. And apothecary-inspired weights, keys, and an oxidized bud vase pin (just large enough for a single bloom) keep things from getting too rough around the edges.

As if you'd be any worse for the wear.

Available at, $84-$260.

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Photo: Courtesy of Workhorse