We're struggling to decide who is the luckier one when it comes to Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis. Every woman wants him and wants to be her - and I'm one of them.

When Derek Jeter, 40, kicked off the All-Star game in Minnesota on July 15, all eyes were not only on him - but also his gorgeous girlfriend, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Hannah Davis, 24, who sat in the bleachers with his family! Fans went crazy on Twitter over just how amazing she looked.

Hannah Davis: Model's Fans Go Crazy During All-Star Game

You really can't argue with the fact that Derek and Hannah are a super hot couple! She may be half his age, but she's just as attractive - and has a ton of her own fans, too.

While her boyfriend was playing his last-ever All-Star Game, the cameramen at ESPN were spanning through the crowd and caught the model sitting with Derek's family - a shot that they continued to show throughout the game. Not that we're complaining.

We found some great reactions of the camera shot and of Hannah in general - people love her!

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