Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest women in Hollywood, and while we were sad to see her leave Saturday Night Live a couple years back, we were given Bridesmaids to ease our pain. Today August 22nd is Kristen's 41st birthday, so we wanted to celebrate the only way that felt appropriate -- laughing.

Here are the funniest GIFs of our favorite funny lady!

There's drunken Cinderella:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her killer dance moves:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
When she would get REALLY excited on SNL:Kristen Wiig GIFs
A hair flip that totally rivals Kate Middleton's: Kristen Wiig GIFs
This perfect T-Swift impression:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Can we party with her? Please?Kristen Wiig GIFs
Sexiest wink EVER:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Honestly, no clue:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Haaay more dance moves!
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her "Are you kidding me?" face is pretty perfect:Kristen Wiig GIFs
What is happening?!
Kristen Wiig GIFs
When everything is going exactly her way:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her birthday happens to be a Friday. Coincidence? We think not.Kristen Wiig GIFs
Happy birthday K.Wiig. We heart you!
Kristen Wiig GIFs

GIFs via Tumblr and Giphy