After spending cycle after cycle trying to teach America's Next Top Model hopefuls how to smize, Tyra Banks has finally launched an iPhone app that can do it for you.

"Smize," which of course means to smile with your eyes, has practically become the new "Say cheese" in photo-taking situations. And since most photos are now taken with phones, it's only natural that someone would decide to streamline the process.

Tyra tells Mashable she decided to create the app because people were always asking her for advice on how to smize. And the app, which I just downloaded and tried out, definitely does a great job of telling you how.

First of all, you can watch a video of Tyra dramatically explaining how to smize (seriously this app is worth the $2 just for that) and written instructions explaining the "3 steps to the perfect smize."

Then, while you're taking the photo, there are sporadic Tyra sound bites, like, "Girl, you look good." Then, when you're happy with the photo, the app begins "smizing" it, during which time Tyra says something like, "Your smize is cookin!" Then when it's done, she said, "This is so fierce I wanna hang it in my house." The second time I did it, she said, "Congratulations, you're still in the running to becoming the world's best smizer!" And somehow, my eyes just looked a little bigger and smizier. It's actually pretty cool and a little creepy. The best place to smize, Banks told Mashable, is in a sext because sexiness is in the eyes.

Overall, the app is helpful and entertaining. If we were in the business of reviewing apps, we would give this one all the stars. You can download it for iOS today.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista