We've been doing a lot of thinking here at StyleList about what makes an outfit "office appropriate". Obviously, we understand that there isn't a definitive answer to that question. It varies from office to office, dress code to dress code. We can all agree that a workday outfit at an artist's studio would look downright ridiculous in, say, a courtroom?

While there is not a uniform dress code that all working women should abide by, we do think that there is a universal rule they should all follow when it comes to getting dressed. That is -- a professional woman should always look put together. Stay true to your personal style, but look like you tried in the morning. We've stalked plenty of style bloggers to know that all different styles can look put together - boho, edgy, eclectic, preppy, you name it.

That being said, keep that rule in mind when getting dressed for work this week! We have 5 outfit to pull you out of those office style doldrums. Click through the gallery for business-appropriate style inspiration for every day of the week!