Do you find yourself waiting in line for sample sales at the crack of dawn? Are you excited to shop at Macy's on Thanksgiving? Then you might just have a genetic "flaw" that makes you more susceptible to bargain hunting.

According to Mark Ellwood, who just published the book Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World, your brain releases the feel-good chemical, dopamine, when you find a bargain. (Ellwood calls dopamine "buyagra.") Most of us are able to clear the dopamine out of our systems so we're not tempted to buy those on-sale waxed jeans in every single color. But about a quarter of Caucasians have a "harmless gene flaw" which makes it harder to clear out the dopamine, which means they are riding that high for a lot longer, thus making them more tempted to shop for even more bargains. "It works much like any intoxicant: the more deals they experience, the more they crave," Ellwood wrote in Time.

Wondering if you're one of the 25%? Click here. If you have the ability to resist Alexander Wang at 50% off, then you're probably okay.

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