Youngest Oscar Nom Quvenzhané Wallis Talks Fashion, Partying With Andre Leon Talley

Alright people, enough about the Golden Globes (for now, anyway). Let's get back to focusing on the things that really matter: Like, how utterly and ridiculously adorable nine-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis is in this clip with André Leon Talley. I mean, who knew this level of cuteness was even possible? Not us, that's for sure.

In the brief two minutes and 13 seconds it'll take you to view this video, you'll discover the following (and more!) about the littlest Oscar nom: Her love of scooters, her love of Top 40, and this. Her favorite past time? Partying (sorry, couldn't keep the suspense for that one)! Don't forget her warring canines.

Remarkably media savvy–and not just for a nine-year-old–Wallis declined to give details on what she'll wear to this year's Oscars. However, she did say what her favorite color is (pink)–and when asked if that were also the color of her Oscar dress, she only smiled and shrugged her shoulders. So now we know that Wallis's dress definitely won't be floor-length and that it might be pink.

Oh, and you'll also get to see her do an adorable dance to Rihanna and Frank Ocean in the video. Just watch. You'll see...

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Photo Credit: Vogue (Courtesy: Fashionista)