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Amanda Teague

Meet Amanda Teague of

Hi! I am Amanda. Inspired after I was horrified to learn one of my best friends hadn’t applied lotion in seven months following the birth of her daughter, I set out to create a quick, easy site for women to go to for home remedies and news on the latest beauty products. Behind the Mirror is where you can find my quirky take on beauty, written from a fashion girl’s perspective to the annoyances and trials to maintain a successful beauty routine after our twenties while “shifting” into our thirties: trying to have it all, the family, the relationship, the energy, a career, and most importantly who we are as women. In short, this is a journey for happiness one beauty routine at a time. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Marc Jacobs

Essential Accessory


Favorite Place to Shop

Net-a-porter or the Outnet

Go-To Beauty Product

Nars Bronzer

Stack up your rings #lawsoflayering

Red eyeshadow

How To Wear Glitter In Your Hair …And not look like a ‘90s rave princess.