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Jared Allred

Meet Jared Allred of

Jared is a fashion blogger and a free spirited, bi-coastal fashion addict experiencing life one day at a time with a traveling suitcase and a dream. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Favorite designer will always be Prada, she designs for the ideal matured woman. I find her quirky accessories pair so well with her classic designs. She embodies everything I strive to be!

Essential Accessory

I find that a good bag is essential to every outfit. I remember reading somewhere that Carine Roitfeldt finds bags to be pointless. I can't DISagree more. I can't live without all my favorites.

Favorite Place to Shop

I dont have a favorite place to shop. My closet is filled with old & new, from bargain store finds, to killer vintage, to luxurious shoes, and designer ready to wear. So anywhere there is shopping, better believe i'll find something

Go-To Beauty Product

My favorite beauty product is for my hair, with these crazy locks I can't live with out Bumble & Bumble Surf & Shine spray. It gives me the perfect balance of glam and grunge!