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As a young girl growing up in New York City, I was surrounded by ambitious, creative, and motivated people. This attitude and drive was instilled in me from a very young age and continues to fuel my love for essie.

It wasn’t until the early 1960s that my passion for color was born. I’ll never forget going with my mother to the beauty salon after ballet practice and being treated to a manicure. I was lucky. This was my “girl time” with mom, but in those days, salon manicures weren’t as accessible as they are today. I realized every woman deserved that personal time and I recognized a void in the beauty industry. From that point forward, I had an idea and I refused to give up.

I knew that if I could come up with great colors and an unbelievable formula that would go on like silk, but wear like iron, then I would have something special. And that’s how it all started in 1981, with just $10,000.

We started with 12 colors. Each one was incredibly special to me. Today, three of those colors are still being produced, which is nearly unheard of! Those colors are are Bordeaux, Baby’s Breath, and Blanc.  After developing my ideal formula, I took the business to Vegas -- the land of glamour, wealth, and most importantly - showgirls! After long hours, countless trade shows and a lot of hard work, we started to see real and profitable interest in the company. The rest is history! 

Getting your nails done is affordable luxury. It makes us all feel like queen for a day. These girls are your local psychiatrists and it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.

From the Queen of England to the runways of NYFW, essie nail polish is everywhere. Picking the perfect color is incredibly important, but picking the name for each color is key. If you know my polish, you know there is a name and a story for everything. From “Ballet Slippers” inspired by my love for ballet as a young girl to “Size Matters,” which refers to my love for diamonds (of course), the names of my polishes are a reflection of the fun and playfulness that painting your nails evokes.

I’m excited to share with you all my favorite collections, stories and memories of an incredible 30+ years in the business.