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Meet Erika of

I'm Erika Marie and the blogger behind Fashion Chalet. I started blogging because of my initial passion to share. My blog is an archive of my daily style and what is inspiring me at the moment in the Fashion World. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Karl Lagerfeld (always on his toes, fashion-forward; yet still, timeless!)

Essential Accessory


Favorite Place to Shop

Zara and H&M

Go-To Beauty Product

Face moisturizer. That before putting on any makeup, keeps your skin tone even, clear and smooth. Also, gimme brow (to keep brows looking clean and in shape) I also can't get enough of quality brushes. Makes all the makeup you put on look natural and not overdone. :)

Big Messy Waves || I find this hilarious, because it has so many steps, and my hair looks like this when I'm too lazy to do anything to it. At least it's on-trend?

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By far one of the greatest things a person can learn- contouring/highlighting can change your whole look!