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Sarah Grace

Meet Sarah Grace of

Sarah Grace found her passion in healthy eating when becoming a D1 college athlete, running Cross Country and Track at the University of Florida. Fresh Fit N Healthy was soon founded in order for her to help others also live a healthy and fit life as it focuses on food recipes that are not only nutritious, but tastes great. See more at:

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My Michael Kors rose gold watch

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Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara

🍓🍰Had to remake one of my FAVORITE smoothies from my website, my Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie! Dessert for breakfast?! Yes please! 🍥
⭐️Using my favorite all natural protein @tryabouttime in this to fuel those muscles for a long 8am-midnight day of recruitment! Use my code: fff1 to get 25% off your entire order on @tryabouttime's site, 👌😋
🍥Recipe on! Link in profile! Look under the recipes tab and click on "Smoothies/Shakes"!🍥
Want to hear all about my time at the @ideafit Health and Fitness Convention with the @tryabouttime team?! And watch a hilarious video of a wipeout I had??😂
Head on over to my blog! Direct link in profile!!
⭐️With being on a chaotic schedule this week and next for recruitment, I had to remake some of these DELICIOUS Chunky Monkey Protein Bars from mine and @fantasticallyfit's FIRST ebook, Healthy Eats Edition 1😍💗 Forgot how convenient it is to make your own bars!! Now I'll be set with healthy snacks between meals 😋.
⭐️ This book is packed with 35 recipes for only $10!! You can also purchase 2⃣ of our different eBooks for $16.99, 3⃣books for just $25, or all 4⃣ for only $32!! 👏 Available for purchase on ✨✨
☀️😍I may have had to fly across the country back home from the IDEA WORLD health convention..but that didn't stop me from stuffing my suitcase to the fullest of goodies! Proud of how much I fit😂
☀️My favorite quest bars and chips, delicious beef jerky and turkey early of all flavors from @kravejerky, ips egg white chips, youbars, and so much more! I'm most excited to try the new seasonal @tryabouttime whey flavor..CHOCOLATE COCONUT! ⭐️(Want to try it too? Order on with the code "fff1" for 25% off!)⭐️

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