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New York Fashion Week has begun and a flurry of activity is happening in and outside the tents, but George Kotsiopoulos is already thinking about the Oscars. The Fashion Police host and author has the difficult job of predicting what the biggest Hollywood a-listers will be wearing based on the trends he sees walking down the runway.

"My favorite part about New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is seeing all the great clothes!!! I love seeing what the designers (who really are the artists) will send down the runways."

For George, knowing what designers created what is key to his success. Whenever he's interviewing a celebrity on the red carpet, it is important to know everything about that person and the designer they are wearing. The biggest piece of advice his co-host Joan Rivers gave to him before hitting the red carpet, however, had nothing to do with fashion. "Joan is always telling us how lucky we all are to be working on a hit show with people we love, doing what we love to do. It's just a great reminder," said George.

What may surprise you is George's rise to fame. In fact, George graduated from school as an accountant. George's path to where he is today has so many twist, turns and 'AHA' moments, he couldn't pick just one key moment in his career. "My life is full of 'AHA' moments. Realizing I wasn't interested in accounting after graduating from college. Knowing Los Angeles was the place I wanted to live after my first visit. Quitting a career in PR because I was miserable. Learning that I could make a living working in fashion. Seeing a future in television. At some point I'll probably have an 'AHA' moment that I sit next to a comedy legend on a hit show every week... but that hasn't quite sunk in yet."

Whether he's interviewing Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet or co-hosting Fashion Police with Kelly Osbourne, Guiliana Rancic, and Joan Rivers, George is a very busy man. As a StyleList Guest Editor, George shares tips & tricks to being fashionably fabulous, his favorite red carpet sirens and much more.