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Jessica Sweatt

Meet Jessica Sweatt of

I love blogging about my journey to define my personal style, budget shopping, food, fashion finds, music & travel... I enjoy a good DIY, bloody Mary, long weekend trip with friends, cruising on my bike, & acting like a tourist in my own town. See more at:

Personal style in one word

My style is “evolving”. In the past 5 years I have graduated from college, earned a Masters of Science, worked in a research lab, and am now transitioning into a career in secondary education. Needless to say, I have worn many (stylish!) hats, and they required very different combinations of clothing, so I am working on streamlining my closet, in a way that is always conscious of my budget!

Favorite Designer

My favorite designer for my lifestyle is Diane von Furstenberg. I adore her as a person (what an inspiring life!), and her design aesthetic that is modern, feminine, and tasteful. The luxury brand designer that I love most is Valentino. Talk about dreamy (the fact that he is a proud pug owner doesn’t hurt either)!

Essential Accessory

The accessory I find essential to every outfit is a smile. I truly feel like the best-dressed people are the ones that look confident in their clothes. If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you look good. Find clothes that bring out your inner diva and rock that runway sidewalk!

Favorite Place to Shop

My favorite place to shop is in my own closet! As a budget fashionista, I get the most of out my closet by focusing on a foundation of highly mixable separates. Finding a new combination for things I already own is better than any shopper’s high!

Go-To Beauty Product

My go-to beauty product is Bobby Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. Using this product has reduced my need for concealer, and makes my skin feel fresh & youthfully firm. I have a hard time dishing out the big bucks for beauty products, but this stuff is legit!

Fashion Mixology via A Beautiful Mess

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