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I’m very excited to be the guest editor for StyleList this week! I’ll talk about everything from my new show, “Jennifer Falls” on TV Land and my new role on “MOM,” to actually being a mom and how difficult it can be to find balance between work and family.

My new show, “Jennifer Falls,” has been an incredible experience! Going to work everyday with such an amazing, talented cast (Missi Pyle, Jessica Walter, Ethan Suplee, Nora Kirkpatrick and Dylan Gelula) is a pleasure and quite a gift to be apart of. Everybody from the writers, producers, cast and crew, have all been exceptional at what they do and most important to me is everyone is happy and nice to be around. That’s very rare in my business believe it or not. Even more rare than that is being a part of a network (TV Land) that totally supports their shows. They go out of their way with marketing, which most networks don’t do as much of anymore and they actually care and genuinely just love television. So, I couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have a show on TV Land.

This week I will talk about mom guilt that I know so many women can relate to, as well as the importance of taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally. I will fill you in on all my beauty must-haves, my favorite workout routines, and whatever else I can think of that you might like to know.

It is only fitting that I be guest editor the week in July as it’s my birthday month! I’m turning 37 and to be honest I feel like I’m getting better with age. Notice I said, “I feel” better not “I am” better. There’s a big difference HaHa! However, I do believe that the better we FEEL the better we LOOK. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m just as insecure about getting older physically as any other woman on the planet, but I do try hard to work on my inside self so that my outside self ages as gracefully as possible. I mean lets face it: We’re all gonna get old one day, hopefully. So the best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn to embrace our age and all the wisdom that comes with it! This is gonna be a great week!