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I have to smile as I write this because it feels funny that I am talking about style. I am someone who rocks pieces from Target and H&M regularly—I love the high/low look and buy things because I love them, not because of anything anyone tells me. It's not unlike my approach to beauty: I survey the landscape, gather data points (ie: research and try products), and decide what I love. Even before co-founding Birchbox with Hayley, I was someone who appreciated the art and and individuality of creating a beauty look. 

When we came up with the idea for Birchbox, we realized that it was hard work to discover the newest and best (for you) in beauty. Hayley had it good—her best friend was a beauty editor. Through no effort of her own, she had a well-curated beauty drawer of only the best. This inspired us to create a new kind of beauty shopping experience on the web—the most convenient and accessible place to buy products. Before Birchbox, the internet was only for beauty replenishment and research.

We saw an opportunity to create a space for discovery and first-time purchases, and we used the idea of becoming your beauty editor best friend to do it. 

We now send boxes to over 400,000 subscribers monthly, four countries. I see a lot of beauty products every single month and have definitely been influenced by the fashion and style that I see when I visit our European offices. I had a lot of fun pulling this together—hope you enjoy!