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Mandy McCullough

Meet Mandy McCullough of

Mandy McCullough is the Editor-in-Chief of MandysSecrets. She has always had a passion for makeup and beauty and she is currently pursuing a career in the thriving beauty retail industry. She enjoys helping women (and men!) find their "perfect" products. Her motto is that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, and that each person's individuality should be celebrated. See more at:

Personal style in one word

Eclectic. I'll wear silver eye shadow and purple lipstick one day, and then rock some classic red lips and pearls the next. I love being able to be a style chameleon!

Favorite Designer

If I had to pick one and only one, it would be Michael Kors. His collections have something for every woman, and who can honestly resist his purses and watches?! They're divine.

Essential Accessory

Sleek hair, mascara and lipstick. Technically three things, I know, but they have the ability to make any outfit (yes, even sweats and a t-shirt) look instantly more pulled together. Don't have time for mascara? Sunglasses will also work in a pinch!

Favorite Place to Shop

For clothing, Kohl's, Target, Forever 21, and Delias. I feel like they've all done a great job of providing on-trend, quality clothing at affordable prices. For anything beauty related, I always go to Ulta. They have an amazing selection of drugstore and higher end beauty items, plus fragrances and a full service salon.

Go-To Beauty Product

I have an equal love of lipstick and nail polish. I never leave home without having applied both!