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Nikia Phoenix

Meet Nikia Phoenix of

While grabbing coffee and bagels one morning, I was discovered by Greg Altermann of Alternative Apparel. We struck up a conversation about vintage t-shirts, and by the end of it he was asking me to model for his company. Even with a hat pulled down over my face, he saw my potential. Who knew that one chance meeting would lead to my face in campaigns, billboards and commercials. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Tom Ford. Everything he does is sexy.

Essential Accessory

A great ring. The bigger and more obnoxious the better.

Favorite Place to Shop

I absolutely love thrift stores. You can find some of the best things there from Christian Dior dress shirts to vintage ball gowns.

Go-To Beauty Product

I refuse to go anywhere without lip gloss. It doesn't have to be expensive, in fact the cheap kind does just fine. Lip gloss can take you from blah to hello with just a little bit of shine.

Bad to the bone! Got my nails did. Still on that heavy metal tip. #essie #gold #nailgame
"And the Beautiful Bride Wore Her Hair Natural". Debunking the myth that our hair with its kinks and tight coils isn't elegant enough for our wedding day. Read more on @kisforkinky. #munaluchibride #naturalhair #youarebeautiful #kisforkinky #elisabethmessina #weddings #brides
What do we tell our kids? This is Pam with her granddaughter Lani flanked by officers as they leave a McDonald's in Ferguson. This image gets under my skin. Sound off: How do you explain the current state of injustice and race relations to your children, your little brothers and sisters, and to any young person you know and love? #realtalk #ferguson #justice
Sunday slummin'. Relaxing in a printed dress from @asos while grabbing @juiceservedhere with @tayehansberry. Comfy and chic. #style #prints #asos #sundaystyle