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Natalie Comstock

Meet Natalie Comstock of

My name is Natalie, I’m a California girl that loves denim, yoga, and anything that has to do with style. I was born and raised in the sunshine filled Bay Area and still live here with my husband, Seth, and our rottweiler pup, Bailey. I come from a big, crazy, welcoming family. They’re my favorite people in the world so you’ll see them around here from time to time. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Jason Wu, Rachel Zoe, Elie Saab, J.Crew, and Kate Spade. It's impossible to choose just one!

Essential Accessory

My wedding ring and a smile. Great shoes don't hurt either.

Favorite Place to Shop

Piperlime, ASOS, Zara, J.Crew, Gap, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Target

Go-To Beauty Product

Mascara. It makes all the difference.

Today. #ootd #simple
Just got 3 huge bunches of the most vibrant dahlias for $9 at the farmers market. $9 for all of these!

#cray #santacruz #farmersmarket #dahlias #flowers #whatadeal
Took myself & my computer to #CafeGratitude to get some lunch and write my very first newsletter (to go out tomorrow)! I got the I Am Fortified bowl and hazelnut latte. So good! 👌 #organic #lunch #writing
The prettiest girl around. 
#bailey #rottie #mybooboogirl #bedtime

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