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Amy Anderson

Meet Amy Anderson of

Parker Etc is a lifestyle blog and creative brand founded by Amy Parker Anderson. The site highlights the lifestyle of a creative working mother in Brooklyn, NY. From hosting dinner parties to scouring vintage stores, Amy uses the blog to create, share and explore her different inspirations. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

MK & Ashley for Elizabeth and James

Essential Accessory

Red Lipstick

Favorite Place to Shop

Antique Stores

Go-To Beauty Product

Coconut Oil

I've been in a relationship with New York for seven years now. The longest running one of my adult life. Oh sure, there have been flings - D.C., London, Texas.... but none can compete with the mighty concrete jungle. Wrote a little seven year recap on the blog today (link in profile) #otb #blogged
Thank you @housingworksbks for being an afternoon reading refuge. #vscocam
We've got a walker. A very 'drunken sailor with sea legs' walker.... but, heck, we've all been there. She's been hitting the bottle a little much lately. (photo by @joshgoleman) #parkermae
Post church farmers market haul. #vscocam

easy and minimal


A Fabulous Fete

Sincerely, Jules