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Founder and CEO of Cricket's Circle

Meet Founder and CEO of Cricket's Circle of


When I tell you I’m a woman obsessed with style I mean it. Boomingdales was one of my first words (seriously).

I’ve been a jewelry designer, a Yves Saint Laurent publicist, and accused of unhealthy hoarding of outdated Vogue issues. Once in high school my mom discovered over 80 pairs of jeans in my closet (one for every rainy day scenario, I explained). The Oscars red carpet is my Super Bowl.

I’m a passionate shopper so you might think that pregnancy would afford me brand-new opportunities to explore retail therapy with the little one. But to me, getting pregnant meant abandoning style altogether – and I don’t just mean ruched maternity dresses. It’s the plastic gear, the primary colors, the clutter.

Turned out it was even worse than I had imagined. The second I shared the news, my friends started sending me documents and Excel files of “baby must-haves” that were not just unsightly, they were plentiful. What the heck is a Bumbo and why do I need three? 

While pregnant, I found myself entranced by a Kelly Wearstler design book featuring an absurdly beautiful nursery. I was inspired to the point of excitement. This pregnancy was going to be chic, damn it. I wasn’t going to succumb to bottomless bins of plastic toys and I most certainly was not going to dress my son in orthopedic-looking sneakers and pants covered in soccer balls.

This was going to be pregnancy and new mommy-hood my way.

Did you know they make limited edition Nikes, Zara skinny jeans, and J.Crew checked oxfords for little ones? Neither had I! J.Crew makes their signature Minnie pant and J. Brand their skinny jeans for maternity. And now there’s Hatch Collection and Storq. I stopped lamenting over what I’d lose (goodbye glass coffee table) and started daydreaming about brunches with the baby (him in Ralph Lauren, me in Rebecca Taylor), pushing my stroller around Gramercy Park, and carrying my monogrammed LL Bean tote (even if there were diapers inside). This was going to be pregnancy and new mommy-hood my way.

Soon I found myself cheerleading the idea to other vaguely bummed-out, mothers-to-be. I’d seen the light – I wanted them to, too! I became so obsessed with the idea I started Cricket’s Circle to help pregnant women and new moms figure it out simply and stylishly.

We give moms the short answer on if they need that ugly plastic thing (sadly, yes) and which is the least offensive (this one), the sound machine every fashion editor and model swears by, the impossibly chic and fun nursery accessories, and of course, mommy and me smoking slippers. With the right tool, even women like me can come around. I’m not even ruling out a second – fingers crossed for bloomers and Mary Janes this time.

Photo Credit: Taylor Jewell