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Hi guys! I'm Kim, a Korean-American pianist & teacher who loves to blog about fashion, beauty, and fitness. I'm all about looking fab on a budget, and I take great pride in my bargain-shopping skills. I started this blog in 2011 to prove that one can look smokin' hot without spending a fortune. I still love designer brands, and I feature them from time to time, but I’m a smart shopper who knows when to save and when to splurge. Come check out my blog and embrace your inner sensible stylista. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer


Essential Accessory

Statement jewelry

Favorite Place to Shop

Nordstrom’s Rack

Go-To Beauty Product

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

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I tripped and fell into some feelings... I'm okay now. I brushed that shit off.

These mis-spelled words can have a significant impact on your personal brand, especially during a job search...

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