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Lily Mandelbaum and Elisa Goodkind

Meet Lily Mandelbaum and Elisa Goodkind of

Founded in 2009 by a mother, Elisa, and her daughter, Lily, StyleLikeU is a multimedia platform that honors individuals with authentic personal style. Disheartened by the increasingly soulless fashion world of unattainable imagery and big brand homogeneity, Elisa and Lily decided to combat fashion’s top-down ideology that you need to be “on trend” in order to be “in fashion” and that you need to change yourself physically in order to be beautiful. See more at:

Personal style in one word

Lily: Feminine, Elisa: Edgy

Favorite Designer

Lily: Reformation, Elisa: Miguel Adrover

Essential Accessory

Lily: Beaded Bangle, Elisa: Rings

Favorite Place to Shop

Lily: Rose Bowl Flea Market, Elisa: Narnia in the Lower East Side

Go-To Beauty Product

Lily & Elisa: Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick

“I never tell my body bad things; I don't even bother. I sleep when I'm tired, I eat when I'm hungry, and if I feel it's time to have sex with someone, I do.” - Noa Sade in her episode of the What's Underneath Project

“I don't have the energy to worry about a new grey hair or a wrinkle. There's much more interesting things to worry about.” - Noa Sade in her episode of the What's Underneath Project

“Don't be afraid to be yourself; what you're thinking about and feeling shouldn't be ignored.” - Kelsey Lu McJunkins in the #WhatsUnderneath Project

“Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, everything I wore was under a magnifying glass; nothing could be immodest.” - Kelsey Lu McJunkins in the What's Underneath Project