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Ashita Patel

Meet Ashita Patel of

We’re Ashita and Grace! Think of us as your stylish best friends. The ones you call when you have a fashion emergency or need a last minute outfit. You’re first phone call when needing a recipe that impress or suggestions on travel plans. Our work lives are jam-packed, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice our guilty pleasures: fashion, food, and travel. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

I'm currently obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana but it changes

Essential Accessory

A leather jacket

Favorite Place to Shop


Go-To Beauty Product

Make Up Forever Mascara

wedding veil wedding veils

Wedding dress Hope this dress will be mine someday.

한복 hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

Country Wedding Dresses | wedding dress with satin back bow. Rustic / Country wedding dress ...