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Susan Kelley

Meet Susan Kelley of

We attempt to follow the taste and trends of the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton's status as a trendsetter will only grow moving forward, we plan to document that as best as possible. We also hope to provide you with specifics on brands, looks and more. See more at:

Personal style in one word


Favorite Designer

Oscar de la Renta

Essential Accessory

Attitude: having self-confidence regardless of the scene or circumstances.

Favorite Place to Shop


Go-To Beauty Product

Concealer - I won't leave home without it.

Goat Venus wool-crepe dress

Goat Worth wool-crepe dress

Thasnks to Natasha on the WKW FB page for the tip on these, they're only £10 from Pia Jewelry.

For the Corkswoon, this is the Matisse 'Pammy', just $16.99! They're black, not blue, but at that price they look worth a try. Thanks to Mary S for the tip on these, she has a pair and says they are surprisingly comfortable!