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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

A Golden Globe nominated actress and founder of The Honest Company

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't require a complete makeover of your home or life. I've found that a few small steps taken together can have a big impact, inspiring a healthy balance between living naturally, remaining environmentally conscious, and staying fit, fun, and fashionable.

When I became pregnant with Honor, I obsessively researched making a safe and healthy home. It’s one thing being eco-conscious for yourself, but a whole new urgency sets in when you realize that it’s not just about you anymore. I quickly (and frustratingly) discovered that many untested toxic chemicals are used in products like shampoo, diapers, and home furnishings. So, I purchased the healthy alternatives, only to learn that these so-called natural products I just bought still contained the ingredients I was trying to avoid. Or, they simply didn’t work.

Born out of the need for providing safe, effective, and affordable non-toxic products, I created The Honest Company to be a one-stop online shop for everything I wanted to find but couldn’t when I searched exhaustively on my own! I love The Honest Company because it makes healthy everyday essentials accessible for families everywhere—all from one trustworthy source. Together, with my co-founders Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee, and Sean Kane, we are redefining the family brand by creating products that are better for people and the planet.

"While my wardrobe has evolved throughout the years, I still rely on the staples. I love throwing on a scarf with a pair of great skinny jeans and a comfy tee."

Recently, I compiled all of my tips and tricks for making healthy living fun, real, and stylish—all cultivated from my personal experience as a mom and co-founder of Honest—in my new book The Honest Life.  It’s a colorful how-to guide that highlights all of this and gives some entertaining glimpses into my journey, while giving readers a candid look inside my home and daily life. I also share family recipes for keeping a clean diet and ways to make non-toxic choices at home while providing eco-friendly decor tips to fit any budget. I want to maintain my personal style, so I also talk about what clothes I still wear even now as a mom!

While my wardrobe has evolved throughout the years, I still rely on the staples. I love throwing on a scarf with a pair of great skinny jeans and a comfy tee.  With a toddler on my arm, I need to be able to move freely so my favorite sporty blazer and wedge sneakers or cute pair of flats are totally a must have.  This look gives me the support and balance I want without compromising style. I’m a strong supporter of brands that donate to charities or are environmentally conscious, like incorporating recycled materials into their knits. And I equally love supporting the talented designers who create the glamorous fashions I'm lucky to wear on the red carpet.

 I’m so excited to be a StyleList Guest Editor and I can’t wait to hear from all of you.