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Josie Maran

Josie Maran

Josie Maran

Like every other human being, my first connection was with my mom. Now that I have two daughters myself, I realize more every day how much influence a mother has on who her kids grow up to be, and what they believe is possible to create in their lives. My mom told me I could do anything and be anyone I wanted, and I’m so grateful to have grown up believing that even the sky wasn’t a limit for me. My daughters are lucky, too, because my husband and I are doing everything we can to help them believe in themselves and in limitless possibility.

My career as a model and my company are both examples of what determination and a positive attitude can do.

Everyone said I was too short to be a model, and I ended up having a super-successful run as a supermodel. Everyone said you couldn’t make cosmetics that were healthy and glamorous, and I made them, and I made a booming business from them.

Lately, my understanding of what a business can be and what a businesswoman can accomplish has been expanding in some beautiful, unexpected, and thrilling ways. I’m learning how to use Josie Maran Cosmetics (and Josie Maran!) as a tool for social change. We’ve always been “chicological”—chic and ecological. Now, we’re moving from minimizing the harm we do to our planet to maximizing the good we do for the planet and the people who live on it. Specifically, our company has partnered with Imagine, a game-changing organization that teaches empowerment techniques, skills, and resources with women around the world, helping them lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty and despair.

I’m super-excited about taking Josie Maran Cosmetics (and Josie Maran!) to the next level. And I’m excited to share my thoughts, my dreams and my life with you as the Guest Editor this month. I look forward to sharing lots more powerful thoughts and tips with you, and hearing your ideas for healthy, happy, empowered living.

With strong love,