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Imagine working in your pajamas every day at home on your couch. With your best friend. And you get to drink wine. Welcome to theSkimm life.

We started theSkimm last summer from our NYC apartment (yes, we are roommates) after enjoying a career in TV news. We loved our old jobs but we were at a crossroads in our careers, trying to figure out our next steps. It just so happened that they were right in front of us. Our lifelong obsession with the news, love of storytelling, and our careers had always made us the go-to resource fo our friends and family who had days like we all do and would say "Been so busy today, what happened in the world?"

Our lightning bolt idea moment happened one night over text and we realized that there was a big void we could fill: Everyone is short on time, but we all want to be in the know. The rest is Skimm history.

Our daily life is a bit crazed, as we are simultaneously building a business and writing your Daily Skimm. Our sleep schedule is a bit like having a newborn (think sleep in shifts, coffee as fuel and our must-have beauty essentials). During the day we are running from meeting to meeting but always relish time in our favorite West Village coffee shops. 

This year has been the biggest emotional roller coaster of our lives. We have had crash courses in coding, law school, and business school all while having more fun (and less sleep) than we ever thought would happen. Mostly, we are so thankful for theSkimm community that has grown around us and we can't wait for all that is to come. 

Enjoy your sneak peak into our daily Skimm lives!