With fall coming up, what better a time than now to revive your beauty arsenal? Surely there's makeup you've had in there for far too long (we're certainly guilty of this ourselves). The easiest items to clear out first? Lipsticks! We bet you've got a whole collection of them, but do you really need every single one? We've found that a carefully edited selection of lipsticks, containing just the right shades for you, makes rooting through your makeup drawer so much easier.

We've narrowed down your options to just five classic shades (OK, some are borderline trendy, too), and picked a few favorites from brands we love. Pick a hue from each color family (one red, one pink...you get the picture!), and we swear you'll find you don't need anything else in your collection.

Oh, and those flowers in the backdrop? They're just there for fun, but aren't they so pretty? We chose five classically beautiful flowers, kind of like the five classic shades of lipstick you need in your life. Click through the gallery to them all.

Flowers provided by Adore Floral Inc.