Internship season has started, and while you're staying cool in your air-conditioned office, the heat outside is unbearable. So, how much skin can you bare without looking inappropriate at said internship? We think it goes without saying that the mini-skirts and cleavage baring tops should be left at home. You need to look professional but let's be honest -- most college students don't have a secret stash of pants suits at home. And besides, who would want to wear a blazer and pants in the summer anyways? For interns in this heat, the style struggle is real.

You want your outfit to show your colleagues that you are there to work hard, but this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or individuality for professionalism. Sometimes, the office dress code can be vague. Case in point: Will someone please go ahead and define "business casual" already? If you're not sure what flies in your office, take a look around you -- your seasoned superiors are the perfect example.

For interns in this heat, the style struggle is real.

For those of you who still wake up two hours too early to ransack your closet, this post is for you. Several of our own contributors have styled outfits that work in the office, and who better than a style blogger to show you what to wear. Whether you are crunching numbers, writing for a fashion mag, or coding with the techies in Silicon Valley, we have the perfect outfit for you. Click through our gallery above for 7 office outfits perfect for your summer internship.