While it's hard to go wrong using any deep conditioning hair mask, in a heat wave, it's even easier to go right. Sure, when you go for a quick hair mask in-shower you'll find your strands somewhat silkier, but we say take full advantage of the soul-crushing heat that's happening this summer.

To make a hair mask really work in your favor, here's what to do. Coat you hair in a mask before showering, then throw your hair into a shower cap for 30 minutes and sit by an open window. You'll be in an instant sauna, and the heat will help your strands soak in all of the nourishing goodness the mask has to offer. The States' last all-time highest temperature was set last June, so ready your masks and use the heat wave to your benefit! We've rounded up eight of our favorite masks that get the job done so you can start having healthy, silky tresses. Take a look at some of our favorites above and tell us about your favorite hair mask in the comments below!

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