By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris

Color vibrancy is what the hot summer days are all about, especially when it comes to your hair color! Whether it's preserving your natural hair hue or maintaining a new color treatment, you want the color to last as long as the season. With these DIY methods and nutrient-rich products, your hair can be up for the challenge.

With great hair color comes great responsibility. Once you've color-treated your hair, it's important to put extra care into hydrating and nourishing it. If you're taking dips in the pool this summer, remember to apply conditioning protectants and, yes, even a swim cap for longer lasting color. If you're not ready to rearrange your whole beauty regiment for your hair, just make a few adjustments to your shower temperature and be sure to moisturize it often. Hair color needs some tender love and care here and there and little adjustments even in your diet can make all of the difference.

View the gallery for 9 easy ways to maintain your color this summer.

Credit: Getty Images