The perfect ballet flat, an iconic tunic, a great tote. It's hard to believe that Tory Burch only launched her fashion line in 2004, because it feels like her accessories have been on our radar forever!

Tory describes her design style as "preppy boho," and puts comfort first, as can be seen in her gorgeous iconic tunics. We can picture it now: a dream vacation getaway in St. Barths with a suitcase full of ONLY Tory Burch resort clothes and accessories. What else could a girl possibly want? (Hey, we can dream!)

You will always know you're walking into a Tory Burch boutique because, well, it feels nothing like a clothing boutique! But don't worry, you didn't accidentally walk into Tory's living room. She just wants it to feel that way. Using bright colors mixed with unique patterns, vintage chandeliers and comfy couches, Tory transforms the shopping experience into a unique event altogether.

Immediately after being named the "Next Big Thing in Fashion" on Oprah (only a year after creation of her company) – as in, the very next day – received over 8 million hits. Recognition of her brand completely transformed overnight. Oprah wore Tory Burch tunics on her show countless times, and helped amp up the popularity of the brand.

In 2006 Tory launched her most famous and coveted accessory: the Reva Flat. Named for her mother who was her "good luck charm and style icon," these flats are a timeless classic. They're comfy yet glamorous, and come in so many colors that you're bound to find your perfect pair.

Click through the gallery above to see Tory and some of the stars who love her designs. Also, check out our list below of some of our favorite Tory Burch items!

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