With only a month left of summer, fall fashion is on my brain. Especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, since everything from their fall lines are on sale. And when I buy a few things in anticipation of fall, I have a really hard time resisting those new items. I mean, who wants to wait two months to wear something new? Not me. I mean, I'm always the kind to wear my new birthday clothes on my birthday...obviously I have no patience.

So when I picked up these black Sam Edelman booties at the Anniversary Sale, I knew I had to figure out a way to wear them during the summer so I could get lots of use out of them even before it started to cool off.

And even if you haven't bought any new ankle boots, dust off your pair from last season that are stuffed in the back of your closet and give them some love, because even during the summer these shoes can be totally appropriate!

Check out the slideshow above for inspiration on how to wear your ankle boot this summer

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