It's hard not to notice how popular French bulldogs have become. They're appearing on clothing, they're on the leashes on some of Hollywood's biggest stars, and they're on the Instagram accounts of some of fashion's most important players. Even Marc Jacobs has released his own line of French bulldog accessories to appeal to fashion lovers who aren't above squealing at the sight of these four-legged little guys.

Obviously, the relationship between animals and fashion is nothing new, evidenced by the industry's obsession with felines like Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette, and Grumpy Cat, as well as its consumption of high-end brands that boldly appropriated animals into marked status symbols, much like Kenzo's insanely popular tiger and fish motifs, and Givenchy's Rottweiler and shark collections.

While all these critters have left their mark, it seems that the French bulldog trend is on a whole other level. To prove that these compact canines are fashion's "It" accessory, check out the gallery above!

Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead.

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