There are very few Fashion Week moments that compared to the sight of Sigrid Agren traipsing down the runway with a Chanel bag bigger than her bathing suit. The infamous Chanel hula-hoop bag has become somewhat of a phenomenon, making appearances on Anderson Cooper and other talk shows that aren't usually dedicated to fashion coverage.

With a bag this outrageous though, how could they not? For many, a handbag is a small black or brown leather satchel that is used to carry one's belongings, and one that does not require much thought. Handbags have always been a long time indulgence for women, but they reached a highpoint in the early 2000′s when bags baring designer logos were the ultimate status symbol. Recently, it seems the world of accessory design has cracked open and anything is possible. A stuffed triceratops for a handbag? "Why not?" said Giles Deacon when he sent the toy-like bag down the runway in 2009. Olympia Le-Tan has become an overnight success with her hand embroidered clutches that resemble classic works of literature, and are a favorite of Jessica Hart and socialite Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

Whether it glows in the dark, is see-through or covered in fur, a bag is no longer just a bag and the crazier it is, the better. While many of these stunners have outrageous price tags to match, you can get crazy for cheap too! If you're still carrying that plain, old satchel, shop our selection below and get a jump on this season's craziest new trend! You'll thank us later.

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