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StyleList's Best of the Beauty Aisle Awards 2014 is here to highlight some fantastic, tried-and-true products available from some of our favorite brands in the beauty aisle right now. Essentially, it's a guide for the best products to try out this spring, as you gear your beauty routine up for summer.

When it comes to testing out beauty products, picking a standout winner is usually the hardest part, so we called on a few of our expert contributors to help us make the best call. This week, after rolling out the nominees in four different categories (makeup, skin care, hair, and body basics), our judges have reached their conclusions.

Click through the gallery for the winners of the 2014 StyleList Best of the Beauty Aisle Awards, and don't forget to vote in our poll below to tell us what your own summer beauty staple is.

What beauty product is essential for your summer routine?
A daily moisturizer1 (25.0%)
Shampoo and conditioner1 (25.0%)
Mascara1 (25.0%)
Teeth-whitening products1 (25.0%)