On Friday night, a burglar climbed through a window of the largest closet in America, a massive 3-story, 3,000 square-foot space in Texas, and swiped at least a million dollars worth of expensive designer bags, accessories, and jewels. According to homeowner Theresa Roemer, she and her husband Lamar returned home that evening to their house in The Woodlands, where they found a thief had broken in through the bathroom window.

The worst part of the incident, according to Mrs. Roemer, was the sentimental value of some of the items taken, including a silver locket containing a piece of her late son's hair. "It's the only thing left of my son, and it's gone," she told the Houston Chronicle on Saturday. The paper also reported that the family's home surveillance footage is currently under investigation.

A former beauty queen who once held the title of Mrs. Texas, Mrs. Roemer and her husband Lamar, built the closet not just as a showcase for her expensive luxury items, but as a space to hold charity events and fundraisers.

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