Last year, England and most of the world watched as the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William stepped out for the first time with their newborn son, Prince George. Now, a year has gone by (this Tuesday) and we've watched the Prince start to grow up into an adorable young boy. Unlike the pandemonium of his birth, the royal family is taking a low-key approach to his first birthday. A spokesman for the palace reportedly told US Weekly, "The family is marking it privately with close family and friends at Kensington Palace."

It's said to be an indoor tea party (which sweets do you think little George will get to snack on?) that may extend outdoors if the weather is fitting. How cute! Hopefully George will be on his best behavior, as his great-grandmother the Queen is expected to attend. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be otherwise engaged in Scotla, and unable to attend the party. We're sure they'll celebrate with little George another time!

The palace released a cute photo of the Prince taking a few steps at the Natural History Museum over the weekend and will be releasing more photos shortly. As for who will be attending the birthday celebration Aunt Pippa and Grandma Carol Middleton were reportedly spotted in London shopping for gifts, while we're sure Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family will be on hand to celebrate as well.

Click through the gallery above to see the most adorable photos of Britain's most famous baby!
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