For those of you who watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons with as much gusto as we do, you're already thinking about which guy from Andi's season will be the next Bachelor.

It's typically one of the gents we spend the most time with and with last night's episode going as it did, we think we've found him. (Stop reading NOW if you don't want to know who went home!)

When Andi said a tearful goodbye to Chris -- before the rose ceremony, no less -- hearts fluttered across the country. Not just because we felt bad for our beloved flannel-clad farmer, but because we have a sneaky feeling he just became the next Bachelor.

And someone pretty ingrained in the Bachelor franchise seems to think the same thing... What do you think, will Chris be the next Bachelor? And are you happy about that? VOTE below.

Will Chris be the next Bachelor?
Yes, and I'm so excited!1 (33.3%)
Yes, but he's not my choice.1 (33.3%)
No, I think it'll be someone else.1 (33.3%)

Click through the gallery above to see Chris's very best farmer style during his dates with Andi!