We're feeling a LOT of feelings right now.

When we heard the rumors that one of Kate Middleton's 'childhood friends' Jessica Hay 'confirmed' her pregnancy (yeah... we know.) we had a variety of reactions. For one, it's a 'friend' that we're pretty sure Kate doesn't actually associate with -- sources have insisted that the Duchess and Ms. Hay haven't spoken in years -- and two, her comments are extremely speculative.

Hay told an Australian magazine that "Kate's inner circle are buzzing with the news that she is pregnant," and that she has heard about the pregnancy from several of William and Kate's friends. Somehow we doubt their actual friends would be shouting the news from the rooftops if they were told another royal baby was on the way.

Hay even went on to say that Kate has been hiding her growing figure, and that she has "changed her hair" to disguise the fact that her face is "filling out." Naturally Buckingham Palace has refused to acknowledge the rumors, but Hay insists an official announcement will come in a few weeks time.

While the general consensus is that this is just speculation, the Daily Mirror points out that some "are adding weight to Hay's alleged comments, pointing out that she DID confirm Kate's first pregnancy several weeks before it was officially announced in 2012."

And so we give you our editors' reactions to this rumored news:

Kate Middleton GIFvia Tumblr

"I totally knew this was coming!"
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"UGH. These rumors are such a tease..."
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"Trying. Not. To. Explode."
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"Um... I'll believe it when the palace guards sing."
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"Yay baby!!"
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So what do you think? Are the rumors true, will George be an older brother soon? VOTE below!

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Click through the gallery above to see Kate's pregnancy style when she was carrying George - and get excited for round 2!