Celebs: we love to ooo and ahh over their style just as much as we love to loathe their fashion taste. One week they're looking completely fab, and the next week they're a total flop. Unless you're Olivia Palermo, who's been hitting it out of the park with spot-on style every week.

As for the likes of Anne Hathaway, who's blowing us away with her billowing pants, and Demi Lovato's haute ranch couture, not every celeb can look super-fabulous all the time.

We will give props to one celebrity in particular, Amanda Bynes, who's finally found a colorful new wig that works for her.

Click through the gallery and then weigh in on who you think was the Best Dressed of the Week and Worst Dressed of the Week below in our polls!

FAB: Who is the best dressed celeb of the week?
Olivia Palermo34 (12.0%)
Paris Hilton66 (23.3%)
Iggy Azalea7 (2.5%)
Amanda Bynes27 (9.5%)
Selena Gomez92 (32.5%)
Beyonce36 (12.7%)
Rachel Zoe21 (7.4%)

FLOP: Who do you think is the worst dressed celeb of the week?
JWoww87 (35.7%)
Aly and AJ21 (8.6%)
Ariana Grande9 (3.7%)
Demi Lovato7 (2.9%)
Kris Jenner41 (16.8%)
Anne Hathaway79 (32.4%)