All eyes were on First Lady Michelle Obama as she was introduced by her husband as "my date, my dance partner" at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Ball. After weeks of speculation and nearly 30 designers submitting sketches, the First Lady chose designer Jason Wu's gown, the same designer she chose in 2008. While most were thrilled with the First Lady's choice, one high-profile fashion editor had a different opinion.

Bridget Foley, executive editor of Women's Wear Daily, wrote an article on January 24th taking issue with the First Lady and her decision to keep her dress a secret until the big reveal. Foley wrote, "Mrs. Obama isn't an indulged starlet primping for the Oscars, nor should she behave like one. Women everywhere have big events for which they select a single dress in advance of the moment. Some of those women and some of those events are high-profile."

Foley's main issue was not on the public and media fodder over this reveal but instead felt that the First Lady and the White House should have recognized the other designers who spent countless hours sketching a dress for Mrs. Obama. Foley stated, "At the very least, with five minutes of attention she could have cut the list to a couple of finalists. As it was, Mrs. Obama's fashion team needlessly disappointed and possibly misled many hard-working people, some of whom hoped vainly for a much-needed commercial boost."

Foley points to several other First Ladies including Laura Bush and Hilary Clinton who presented sketches to the public well in advance of the Inaugural Ball.

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