By A Pinch of Lovely

I recently realized that I was wearing the same jewelry over and over again -- which isn't always a bad thing, some people do have their signature pieces. But, I was doing it because I was lazy. I'd basically pick up the same jewelry to wear because it was easily accessible. It's that old saying "out of sight, out of mind." That's basically what I was doing to with my jewelry.

I have a couple of organizers on top of the dresser, but the larger selection I keep in two of the drawers. I'm also one of those people who keep pieces in the original box or jewelry bag that they come in to keep everything separated which means really having to dig around to find what I'm looking for. Not to easy to do when I'm in a hurry or late, which I almost always am.

I decided it's time to get a better system of jewelry organization so these acrylic storage boxes are the ideal solution for me. Everything remains neatly separated (exactly how I like it), but it's also visible for fast access. The stackable trays make the most of your space too. I am obsessed with these guys, and I'm even going to get more of the smaller earring size boxes. It's like a really chic tackle box. Click through the gallery to see the genius ways you can store your jewelry in acrylic storage boxes.