The temperatures are rising (and so are the hemlines) which can only mean that summer is just moments away. While most of us will be anxious to book as many SoulCycle classes as humanly possible before bikini season officially arrives, there's also that other insanely desired summer quality: Gorgeous skin.

We're told by makeup artists all the time how we can "fake it" with bronzers, blushes, illuminators, and the like. But what about actually learning how to get radiant, dewy skin? Yes, ladies, your medicine cabinet-much like your shoe selection-is in need of a refresher for the new season. It's time we talk about exfoliating, sun protection, masks, and BB Creams.

We've taken the liberty of selecting some gorgeous products for you to consider, separated by category: Preparation, Treatment, and Finish. In preparation, you'll meet a scrub that won't leave you red (and actually locks in moisture for dehydrated summer skin), a gentle cleanser, and a toner that illuminates your visage. In treatment, you'll find three options to consider: one five-minute complexion enhancer for the girl-on-the-go, one at-home glycolic peel that will have you cheating on your dermatologist, and one super-indulgent product that promises insane results. And finally to finish, our new BB Cream obsession and a divine makeup primer.

Getting serious about your skin now means being able to enjoy a (sunless) glow before the holiday. And while your friends will inevitably compare bodies once you hit the beach, there will hardly be any room for comparison when it comes to complexion.

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