Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and we have at least 5 main highways and one toll way – some highways have about 5 lanes, if I'm not mistaken, and our tollway has 4.

And when I think of a car that fits Houston's culture and lifestyle, I think of Dodge Charger! Why, you ask? I'd say it's because of its macho, sleek, and still chic design! It fits a masculine lifestyle but it can also be feminine enough that allows a woman like me to drive it and put an edgy vibe out there. We Houstonians like some power!

So imagine me stepping out of a Dodge Charger in Downtown Houston for a night out with friends. First you see the over-the-knee boots, then you see my full outfit...a "vintage" sweater and a mini tweed skirt topped off with a faux fur vest and popped off with a yellow handbag. Yeahhh...you see a powerful, handsome car and out comes a little Asian woman in a city chic outfit. I'm sure you'd think, "that Dodge Charger car is so cool!" Yup, I knew it!

Well, don't be surprised if you see me in that outfit one of these days and driving a Dodge Charger at the same time. *Wink*

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