There really aren't enough beauty products that pay homage to the derriere. Enter Bootie Babe, which saw this obvious hole in the market, and recently released a line of nail polishes that come in ass-shaped bottles with cheeky (get it?) names.

We had to know more about how booties relate to nail polish, so chatted with the brand's unlikely founder, Mark O'Hara. O'Hara, 50, has a background in digital design, and was also in a 15-piece band called SuperBooty in San Francisco (the band called it quits in 2009). Back when he managed the band, they sold a small selection of booty-themed merch, and thus the ass-shaped bottle idea was born.

O'Hara has dreams of an entire booty-themed lifestyle line. He noted that very few nail polish lines have custom, distinctive bottles–so his butt bottles would definitely stand out in a crowded market.

When the line came out in 2011, there was a flaw in the cap design which caused the bottle to leak. (Nail polish bloggers to whom he sent the polish also complained that the brush was too short–the new version has a longer brush and a non-leaking cap.) The design was tweaked and the brand is relaunching this month–you can pre-order polishes now, for $12 a pop.

The names of the colors (24 in total) are a punster's dream. A few choice examples: Red Riding Rump, Hella Hiney, Whale of a Tail, Grind Behind, Uncanny Fanny, and Tears for Rears. I mean...genius. O'Hara names them all. He said he went online and just searched slang terms for buttocks and his imagination went wild. ("I don't have a booty fetish, or anything," he clarified to us. OK...)

So what has the reaction to all this been? "Some women don't appreciate this product because they think it's sexist," he told us. "But they love it in Brazil!" Of course they do. The women in his life generally think it's funny and aren't offended. He hopes to expand into other products like "candy, shoes, and backpacks" eventually. And of course other cosmetic categories, because the world needs booty eye shadow.

"If you look in these women's magazines, the tone is overly serious and dramatic," O'Hara said. "My band was so silly. It would be great to bring a little levity to the beauty industry. Why can't it just be fun?"

Click through for a look at some of the color offerings.

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