It's time to get rid of all the mullet-hem skirts and velvet slippers (a polarizing trend in this office) in your closet and start fresh.

Except, wait. The economy.

If you're worried about a huge impending tax increase, then purchasing a whole new wardrobe may not be the way to go. A more viable option is recommerce (it's way too effing cold to lug your old wares to a brick and mortar resale or consigment shop). Plus, it's more environmentally sustainable–you can revamp your wardrobe on the reg without excessive consumption and waste.

And there are more great sites out there to choose from now than ever–many of which make the whole process pretty easy, even the annoying-sounding part of packing up your shit and shipping it to someone.

Since we've presented such a convincing argument, click through for our favorite eBay-alternative sites for both buying and selling gently used goods and prepare to make words like "upcycle" and "recommerce" a part of your vocabulary.

Click through the gallery above to check out the 8 best new sites to sell your clothes online!

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